A dog woke me at 5.36

Barking dogs can wake the dead but I do not blame the dogs — this is about the owners.

I got to bed a little late last night as I was trying to solve a problem and suddenly two hours disappeared.

I slept well as it is a very nice weather where I am and the window was open so the fresh air came in… that is until 5.36… or maybe it was a few minutes before — but I looked at the clock at 5.36.

Photo by Chris Arthur-Collins on Unsplash

Just before 5.36 the neighbour’s dog got out on their balcony and started barking louder and louder.
I still do not know why it was barking but shortly after another neighbour shouted out for it to stop. That woke up a third neighbour across the street from my window as I saw the lights came on.
I got up to look out, just to see… nothing.

But we all could hear the dog and it had no intension of stopping. It must have seen something or maybe it was just not the best of morning for it.

No reason

Maybe it was barking as to say, “get me out of here, my owner do not treat me well”. If that was the case, I should run over to help the dog.
But I was too tired and I don’t think that was the situation anyway.

I waited a little longer and the first neighbour shouted back to the dog, demanding it to shut up again. This time much louder.

This resulted in the dog’s owner shouting back at him that he should mind his own business and not wake up all the street. A bit ironic at this point.

He did not take that as a positive respond, and they started talking very loud back and forth over the small street. More and more lights got turned on.

Yes, I was still standing in the window — shortly thought about participating but then again, I was tired, and I am sure I would have said something I would regret later… now it was 5.47 and it is just not the time for me to engage in a meaningful conversation.

How to stop the barking

I did wonder how you make a barking dog stop.
Clearly it must be something you can teach a dog — and clearly it is something too many dog owners have forgot to do.

The further down in Europe or America you move, they more dogs there are and the more barking dogs are not being stopped by their owners.

I would love a recipe on how to learn a dog not to bark. Unless it is a guard dog, but then it should know when there is danger and only bark then.

We should make a movement for education of dog owners to teach them how to get their dogs to stop barking. A dog license for anyone that wish to have a dog where they learn to pick up after the dog, learn it not to bark, teach how it should be in a leash when among strangers and I am sure much more.

Do share your experience on making a barking dog stop doing that. I have a short list of people that really could use your advise.

Back to bed

A little later it quiet down again and I got back to bed. But now I didn’t feel so tied anymore. It did catch up on me later today — so tonight it going to be an early night.

Please unhappy or angry dog do not bark tonight. I have a treat for you if you don’t.



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Jens Peter Olesen

Jens Peter Olesen

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